Cubic Boron Nitride materials utilise excellent hardness, good toughness and thermal stability. This in turn allows CBN to be the number one machining choice when an application for machining cast irons or harden steels is applicable.

The effectiveness of Cubic Boron Nitride in cutting tools for machining hardened steel components in the range of 45 to 65 HRc is to allow for the components to be finished complete in a fraction of the time that complex grinding operations take.

The material offers additional technological advantages, such as process reliability, improved tool life, faster machining speeds, better component tolerance repeatability and reduced internal costs.

Engineering Diamonds offers a wide range of CBN tooling applications from standard tipped ISO insert through to bespoke tooling packages to suit your own individual requirements.

We are able to offer unrivalled technical and production engineering assistance to our customers and whether your requirement is for a single tool or for a complete tooling project we look forward to being of service to you.

CBN Applications for Ferrous Materials + Grey Cast Irons

  • Hard Steels and Irons
    • Shafts, Gears, Bearing, Punches
  • Sintered Iron
    • Valve Seats, Valve guides, Crankshafts, Axle Castings
  • Hard Facing Steels
    • Mould and Die parts, Rolls, Pump parts, Process valves
  • Grey Cast Irons
    • Brake discs, Engine blocks, Cylinder liners, Flywheels