Engineering Diamonds offers a wide large range of Diamond Wheels in a complete range of abrasions. The abrasive materials used are,

  • Natural Diamond
  • Synthetic Diamond
  • Metal Clad Diamond
  • Copper Clad Diamond
  • Cubic Boron Nitride

Together with these abrasives a variety of bonds and differing concentration of abrasive make up the complete wheel.

As a simply guide wheels using Diamond as their abrasive are used to grind Tungsten Carbide materials whilst wheels that use Cubic Boron Nitride abrasives are used for grinding hardened steel components.

Please ask for our catalogue to be faxed or e-mailed to yourself
prior to your selection

The Diamond Wheel range that is currently available is as follows,

  • D11C9 ~ Flaring Cup Face and Periphery
  • D11V9 ~ Flaring Cup
  • D12A2 ~ Dish
  • D1A1R ~ Cut Off
  • D1A1 ~ Peripheral
  • D6A2 ~ Straight Cup
  • D6A2C ~ Straight Cup with four countersunk holes on a 83mm P.C.D
  • D6A9 ~ Peripheral ( Cup Style )
  • D9A3 ~ Double Cup
  • D11A2 ~ Taper Cup
  • D11A9 ~ Flaring Cup Parrallel Layer

For Optical Profile Machines,

  • D14A1 ~ OPG1
  • D13A1 ~ OPG 2
  • D13A2 ~ OPG 3

The following information that will be required is as follows:

  • Type of wheel and outline dimensions
  • Material to be ground
  • Wet or Dry Grinding
  • Stock removal required
  • Surface finish required

For a more comprehensive guide to the their applications then please contact the sales team who will happily help with your enquiry.