Endia offers a wide range of tooling solutions that enables us to give you the 'Total Service Package'.

This allows you not only to source one product type but your entire tooling package from a nut and bolt to any product at the best possible price and delivery that is at our disposal.

The sample of standard products and applications in our range that we can supply are as follows,

  • Diamond Lapping Paste
    • All Grades from 0.25 Micron to 90 Micron
  • Diamond Files
    • Standard Needle style to any bespoke design
  • Indenters for Hardness Machines
    • Rockwell, Vickers, Avery, Firth and Avery Edgewick
  • Thread Formed Diamond Tools
    • Matrix Type Chisel
    • Matrix Type Cone
    • Blade Type Chisel
  • Internal Grinding Pins
    • CBN ~ For Hardened Steel and Cast Iron components
    • PCD ~ For Non Ferrous and Non Metal Products
  • Standard Grinding Wheels
    • To any specification or design
  • Saw Blades
    • To any PCD and Carbide specific design
  • Reamers
    • PCD Tipped, Carbide Tipped to any specific size or style
  • Drills
    • PCD Tipped, Solid Carbide and High Speed Steel
  • Carbide Cutters
    • Slot Drills, End Mills
  • High Speed Steel Cutters
    • Slot Drills, End Mills

The list can only end when you want it to… For a more comprehensive guide to the your application please contact the sales team who will happily help in finding a product to suit your requirements.