Engineering Diamonds offers a wide range Natural Diamond Tooling to suit your application, price and quality expectations as follows,

  • Single Point Dressers (See further down the page on how to work them out)
    • For standard wheel dressing
  • Single Point Throwaway Dressers
    • For standard wheel dressing at minimal cost
  • Chisel Point Dressers
    • For use in profile dressing
  • Thread, Cone and Blade Forming Tools
    • For use on thread forming
  • Cone Point Dressers
    • For use in profile dressing
  • Multi Point Tools
    • Dressing wheels using numerous stones thus reducing load and maximising economy
  • Index Dressers
    • Suitable or internal grinding machines having small diameter wheels
  • Blade type Dressers
    • Profile or Straight forming using multi point technology
  • Multi Point Hand Dressers
    • For off hand truing and dressing on bench, tool and cutter grinders

As diamond is the hardest substance known, being far harder than any other natural or man made product, it therefore has numerous applications in the industrial field. Related to this important hardness factor is inherent brittleness, this must be appreciated by all concerned with the handling and using diamond tools, if damage by physical or thermal shock is to be avoided.

To combat the inherent brittleness of diamond is minimised Engineering Diamonds ensures particular consistently repeatable qualities of diamond and presentation is used when natural tooling is the chosen path in your application.

As a guide to your Natural Diamond Choice when deciding on a 'Single Point Dresser' the following 'master three step formulae' will ensure that the diamond supplied will be to the applications desired effectiveness

Step 1, Chose the Grade of diamond required

  • 'B' Grade : Suitable for production grinding
  • 'A' Grade : Suitable for Toolroom and General machine shop
  • Super 'A' Grade : Suitable for precision grinding
  • 'A70' Grade : Suitable for high precision grinding

Step 2, Use the following formulae so to determine the carat weight of diamond required to suit the application

Wheel Diameter in inches + ( 2 x wheel width in inches )

Step 3, Chose the size and style of the shank that will be used on the grinding machine

The company offers the 'Total Service package' and to ensure that you will be completely satisfied we will back that up with efficient tool maintenance and any technical advice that is necessary throughout the whole life cycle of the applications.


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