Endia offer a complete range of PCD profile cutters for the woodworking industry, included in our portfolio is the following type of woodworking applications we have covered and have been manufacturing and developing over time,

  • Ball Slot Routers
  • Bevel and Chamfer Routers
  • Dovetail Routers
  • Drilling and Boring Cutters
  • Grooving and Engraving Routers
  • Guttering and Cove Routers
  • Hoggers
  • Jointing Routers
  • Ovola Routers
  • Panel Moulding Cutters
  • Panel Raising Cutters
  • Profile Edge Moulding Cutters
  • Rounding Cutters
  • Rebate Routers
  • Saw Blades
  • Scoring Cutters
  • Shear Cut Routers
  • Straight Routers
  • Trimmers
  • T Slot Routers


  • Formed Rubber Rollers
  • Formed Sanding Wheels
  • Metal Sanding Shoes……… all for the hot foiling machines.

*** The list has no boundaries only your imagination ***

The benefits of Polycrystalline Diamond against Tungsten Carbide Tooling can be clearly seen and measured in real time,

  • Far outlast any other tool material by as much as 100 times
  • Guaranteed edge profile over a longer period than any other tool material
  • Reduces downtime for tool changing, thus optimising machining time
  • Gives an overall reduction in tool costs compared to any other tool material

Endia produce all tooling to a bespoke based customer design, you supply the wood profile and machine tool data and we will do the rest, designing and manufacturing a tool that is perfect for your particular operating conditions.

The company offers the 'Total Service package' and to ensure that you will be completely satisfied we will back that up with efficient tool maintenance and any technical advice that is necessary throughout the whole life cycle of the applications.